I remember two dreams.

I decided to start having my thighs waxed again, I decided that during a waxing appointment or after (i cannot remember if i asked for it for the next appointment when i was taking it or if i called to have it added). I then tried to go find a tank and pantie set for that appointment. Also it was the aesthetician I had while in Ste-Florence but the place looked like the one I am going now but different. When at that next appointment I told her that maybe next time or soon I would have the rest waxed but in the meantime I asked her if electric razors were good for the bikini region or if there was something else other than shaving.

A few people were on Judge Judy (i do not think that i was watching on tv and im pretty sure i was not there), on both sides there were one young person who had headphones on but she did not say anything. After a bathroom break the one who was male started to get heat from it but the other which was a woman took it off then raised an arm and when she was told to speak she said that she never had it on and that she had heard everything. I do not remember anything else.