I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with our insurance company.

I was living in a small apartment building. The door bell rang so I went to see who it was, it was a man, I do not remember what he said but I replied oh of course and asked him to come in while I got my wallet that was in my purse that was close to the door. When I turned around he had gotten out of the carpet and I said loudly that he had to stay on the carpet, he had a bad attitude so I said he had to leave and pushed him out. He had left traces of dirt where he had walked (not far away from the door) and I got a Swiffer mop and was trying to get it all off. I heard someone was at the door so I went to check it out and it was a woman who had her face right on my door so I said that I had a gun and would use it if she would not get away, she did not get away so I got my gun opened the door and shot her. Another man came up to me aggressively and I shot him too. I got my cellular phone that was in a pocket of my pants and called 911. I had just started to say what had happened and they (starting with the woman i think) started to get up so I screamed to do not move and the woman tried to get away so I shot her and the man tried to get to me so I shot him. They started to shout, it sounded like ya-ou, they kept on shout this over and over. My phone had dropped.