I remember three dreams.

I realised two or three days after having waxing done that my legs had my hair fully grown. I told my aesthetician that and she was acting like this was normal but I did not accept that.

I was living in a huge house with a Seal and a Dog. The Seal warned me that danger was coming and I immediately picked the Seal who was a baby and the Dog followed. We were not making noise eventhough at first the criminals were outside. I was opening and closing secret doorways until the Seal disappeared and only the Dog who was a puppy remained, then I opened on the second floor a door and inside only shelves with decorations were there, I pushed it and inside there were small stairs, before going down I pushed the shelves back, the stairs were going in circles and at the end I opened a door of what seemed to be a safe but it was like a bunker. Inside it was huge, the outside of it was not burnable and there was cameras of everything from my house to the outside of it to the huge yard. There was also enough food, drinks, running water and electricity to last years. Plus there was another door that lead to a tunnel that lead to the end of my huge yard, that exit door was well hidden.

I woke up naked with Serena Williams that was also naked. Everything around us was burned except the bed we were in. We were hurting like we too were burnt but we were not. She thought we would soon die but I told her we would not then helped her up and after looking around we started to run.