Hi Jana,

Anytime smile

I have yet to have one of these steer me wrong. Regardless what people may think of them, for me at least, they're almost always significant. Even if I try and push them out I run smack dab into some sort of surreal porthole in the physical realm and things begin moving in slow motion. I'll physically react, sometimes I'll feel dizzy or faint. The physical scenario, no matter how much time has passed will bring up each lucid dream frame and I'll realize back then I'd seen something that wasn't quite here yet in the physical.

I have to say, I haven't applied my tactics up until you asked. I started blocking them out back when I was writing in the Clairvoyance forum "What do you see for the elections, future, environment." Just TMI, lol

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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