I remember one dream (had to write it down since i did not have electricity when i got up - thankfully it came back before my tennis match and i also had enough time to do my morning beauty routine which was done in a record time while going downstairs 3 times).

A couple had argued and the man slept on the coach. The next day that couple had a nice day and the man thought he did not have to sleep again on the coach, he fell asleep on it and while he was sleeping the wife brought him his pillow and he saw that when he woke up. Then it was a Dog on the coach and soon after I arrived and cuddled with the Dog. I asked him if he wanted to go on a vacation and he was excited about it. I gave a few suggestions then decided on going camping. So we went camping and I even was taking my showers with solar camping showers, the Dog would check if people could see when I was taking the showers. For that trip I only saw the camping ground and two showers, during the second people were coming closer and the Dog growled to warn me. Then I was in a gun fight and soon I was in my Saint-Hubert living room, I had two guns in my hands and I stopped then closed my eyes trying to guess where the people shooting at me or/and others were at (during that time there were people there looking at me). Then I started shooting on the ceiling, someone was in one of the bedroom (the 1 right above the living room) and after a while I was shooting blanks, the man came down the stairs (i was there too at the bottom) thinking he had me then I pointed a gun right at his head and I told him he was (do not remember exactly what i said - should of written that down too). Before I shot him (i was pointing the gun right at his forehead) I woke up.