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It's really tough. The stuff I feel, just visions, etc. well they're basicaly faster than the internet.

Whatever comes through, well, i always fight my own or argue is a better word what it is that's coming through. i make myself work through it, sift it through, take steps back, block it out and IF (It's HUGE) it comes back, i'll look at it but then walk away again.

Elleise, I relate to this.

Even with great protection around us, our third eye sees so much. If it is distracting, you can block everything--but then you also lose the good stuff. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, eh?

I see a lot of flashes and blips especially as I am awakening. A snapshot of a person from another time and place. Faces. Places. The other morning, rather unusually for me, I saw a creature that seemed to be from a fantasy world. That is odd for me as I usually only see things from here on Earth.

Unless the vision lingers, I ignore them, brushing them away like lint. If a person sends me any sort of message, I listen. I tend to send them into the light or ask for divine assistance for them as I explain that they need to proceed instead of staying behind in ghostly form. Some will be open to that suggestion while others stubbornly cling to their beliefs. They think they are still alive or they want to be.

I say, "If I can't help you, then go your own way." And I close myself off to them.

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