I remember two dreams.

I was watching television and they were showing Henry Cavill getting severly beat up. He had his legs completely dislocated and put behind his head. He was in shock but not showing any pain. He was picked up and then put on a scooter.

I was watching a movie. The main three actors from The Mummy (brother & sister + Brendan Fraser) were in it but the actress was the one from the third movie. They were being attacked by tiny things and what seemed like lightning were hitting these things and killing them, the three of them too were killing these things while trying to get away in a car. Suddendly Fraser asked the brother who was driving to drive to a certain street, he asked why and he said to save her. This is where a doctor was, he came back from fighting the tiny things to his office and soon after both the men came in with the woman who died in the car before they arrived. They were both standing there without any hurry, I was thinking that if the doctor could bring her back that she would be brain dead because of all that waiting.