I remember five dreams.

My air mattress had a hole in it, I realised that when I went to sleep on it. I was very angry but at first I was trying to calm down. My mom was there from the start (it looked like it was day time too + i went to bed with my pjs on which i do not do). I suddenly thought of the patches after finding it was a small hole. My mom said it was a good idea and wanted to help but shortly after I started searching for the patches I remembered I had thrown it away. I lost it. I started screaming, throwing things and breaking things. My mom said you do have a bed with a mattress in your bedroom and still screaming and freaking out I yelled that I was not ready, that I wanted to take care of things before installing myself there, that I did not see how that was so unbelievable and hard.

I was at a time when I was getting up early so I then decided to go back to Ste-Florence with my parents to visit Gisele and Toby. They were so excited to see me, I spent almost all my time there on the floor with Toby. I then told my parents that since it was still early eventhough we were in the afternoon that we could take roads we never taken while living there. At first they did not want to but I reminded them that all we had was time since none of us worked and had anything important to do. They agreed and we did it.

All I remember is Bruce Willis and a woman behind a counter and a phone call.

A woman was attacked, when they were about to rape her she calmed down and told them that they should not do that, they of course laughed it up and continued and she in a short time got rid of them with just a few kicks and punches. Then she attacked a woman and forced herself on her then forced her to give her oral sex.

I (i looked like a man in this dream) and many people were invited by someone else to be part of a group that would bring justice to the world. I arrived there with some food. After we were all in our places he started to explain what he wanted us all to do but he was focusing on small crimes and criminals even by the end going into people who were not criminals and things that were not crimes. I and the others did not agree so we banded together without him. By the end we were after a dragon. We ended up in my Saint-Hubert house where on the first floor there was a small body of water that went deep where the dragon had went. I went on the roof with a sword then jumped head first and dove into the water. While I was swimming I could see myself after the fact saying that when I jumped it hurt so much (i showed where) but that I continued anyway and that then I had to continue to reach the surface to breath). I did not see it but I killed the dragon.