I remember one dream.

I was putting Metallica songs in my favorites. They suddenly appeared, I was continuing but them being there bothered me. Then I received a phone call saying hat I had won a contest (di not even know i was part of it) the prize was awesome (go to Germany by private plane with 10000$ to shop with and meet Rammstein backstage after going to 1 of their show on the first row and hang with them another day too - i was also able to bring someone and that person too would have a 10000$) I started screaming Rammstein all over again and Metallica were jealous (i still had not talked to them). While still jumping up and down and screaming I started to think who to bring with me and I then screamed the name of a friend who we used to be always together but for years we have barely sent emails to each others (Brigitte). I for some reason knew her phone number by heart and when she answered I was out of breath and she recognized me, I then told her do you want to go to Germany and she said when and I told her the date and then told her how we would go and why. When we went to the private jet we were told that we could have anything to eat even some restaurant and we asked for some McDonald's which they went to get for us. After we ate we got up to walk around and some actors and actresses were there. I freaked out when I saw Michael Fassbender and we ended up in a contest (throw something the farthest), I jokingly said that it would be joking since I still had grease in my fingers from my food and he said no it would not jokingly too. We did it a few times then he came near me and wanted to show me some tricks while touching me and showing me the moves like that. I of course was excited when he was touching me, everyone seemed to find this cute except Brigitte and Jennifer Lawrence. After showing me how to throw what we were throwing he then showed me how to do some tricks with a knife. Then they started filming a small skit for the show Seinfeld with all the four actors and Fassy told me while looking at me that he knew that I had the acting talent and I was shocked by it and he made sure that I was part of the skit which I nailed (a small part of a scene). Everyone was impressed and I could not believe it.