Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember (barely) one dream.

It was in the cowboy times. A predator (as in the alien movies) was hunting but that predator was different, he was a travestite (the part i remember the most [the reason why i remember that dream...it came back to me that part before getting up] is him sitting down in what looked like a gas station bathroom and putting on makeup...he had a wig and dress on too). A bunch of kids (before that i remember at least 2 detectives talking to an expert about something found in a crime scene....looked like a scene from Predator 2) decided that they would find the killers. A boy was in front as the chef. They were walking and ended up crossing path with a wagon (the old wagons pulled by horses) of a bunch of men looking for it (the predator) too, the man in charge was Matthew McConaughey. I think there were also a shopping mall scene (i often end up in 1!!! i have like a recolection there was 1 in that dream but i cannot be 100% sure).