This may be off (I've been in and out of whatever it is I'm fighting off and THENSOME,'ve no idea...anywho)

Whenever I cross paths w/your dreams, what comes through me is a Soul trying to break free or that of one struggling w/material and Spiritual designation.

Each and every Soul on this material plane has an important role to play. That's why we're here - AS WELL to perfect that Soul which came here with certain talents and specialties.

I very much hope the dreams which in fact, feel more like a higher-conscience revealing itself in the midst of chaos or what it is; conditions you live, reach you (basically through that higher-conscience and guide. For whatever reason there feels a resistance and thus...they keep coming back.

I'm not saying I'm right (brother so not saying that, lol) just what it feels least to me smile

How it DOES feel is, well...time to spread the wings wink

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