Another dream-filled night. To spare you every single detail, I'll condense them to the major points and a common theme: stairs.

I dreamed I was going to a school reunion. My husband stayed in the car downstairs while I walked up a rather long flight of stairs in an unremarkable school setting.

In the second dream, my daughter and I were standing on some sort of plateau in a stone structure that looked like one from an ancient Mayan type of civilization. My sister and I told her that she needed to go up, up, up some wide stairs that were safe to retrieve something and I said I'd go with her but she went up by herself and returned.

But then, she needed to go down a long flight of stairs that were rather precarious. All made of moss-covered stone that ran alongside the stone building. The stairs were quite narrow and had no railing and one misstep would send her falling over the edge and far down below.

I saw another mother helping her daughter down those stairs. Both were dressed in white. I insisted on helping my daughter because the stairs were so treacherous but then, I decided to take her the back way in some sort of vehicle. It would be faster and safer. I felt good about that.

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