I remember one dream.

I was looking for a nee place to stay and I found it. When I was getting my clothes out to where it would go I was in the middle of what seemed to be a street for walking, there were a lot of things on both sides and close by there was an amusement part and it was it's first day to be opened, I could hear all the noises including the people screaming with excitement and I was jealous because it had been many years since I had been in a place like that. Then I won a contest and that was to meet the San Jose Sharks, I hate that team but I went anyway wearing a Dallas Stars hat, I was sitting in their dressing room and I was making sure the players were seeing the logo of my hat. There was food around but it was hot dogs and I said that I hated sausages so I did not want any. At the end when I was talking to the players it was the players of the Anaheim Ducks which is a team is hate more, I ended up facing the player I hate the most in that team and I was not backing down looking him straight in the eyes and telling him what I wanted to, he tried making me flinch but I did not, he was angry because there was a lot of people around from teammates to others and I kept reminded him that he tried scaring but that it did not work.