Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember two dreams (+ yesterday 1 dream came back to me after i left this post and i will post it today).

Me and two other people was escaping by a boat (i think we robbed a bank). The escape was easy except for another boat following us but it was firemen and they were not really on our puirsuit. Then what I remember was me and some friends looking at store's windows then seeing a big magazine page with the three firemen, they were teasing me because during the puirsuit I thought that one was cute, funnily enough that cute fireman was the only one that was naked and he was well endowed. I ended up meeting him then on a date with him. All I remember is that at the start the date was not going well (i think he thought i did not care) and then we ended up having fun.

All I remember is what came back to me a few minutes ago. Women Basketball, that is basically it. I could of dreamed it before the first dream or after. I also remember me being bored with it and being happy that almost noone was watching and most people there thinking that it was boring too.

The dream from yesterday that I remembered a while after I left here is my dad was in the kitchen when I went there and he was whispering very loud on purpose to drive me insane.