Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember two dreams.

I (i was a man in this and my parents looked different too) had a little bit of money aside. My parents were bad parents but they were living in a huge house with a gigantic estate. In this place there was an old building, it was quite small but big enough for me and my things so I had it renovated, the renovations went so well that a little money was left. The estate was close to water so I got to daydream about a small room over water then I imagined it underwater, in my daydream I heard people ask what if an hurricane would come, I answered that it would be well built and that just in case I would built a shelter just near it so that I could go hide there in case it would be serious. In one point in that dream my parents were angry at me because I had no job so they made me build a fence a fence right next to a neighbors fence...for that part of the dream i was right back to our ould house) I actually did it and did it well.

I was watching a Tennis match (players that i had never seen). One man was winning but ended up seriously injuring himself when he was close to winning (2 games away), the coach or someone else from his group took his place, the other player and everyone else were perplexed but the match went on so it was apparently allowed and legal. The man replacing him was so bad, he was able to win the first point by being so bad that it made the other player uncomfortable then he lost the next three points but for some reason he was able to win all the next points to win that game and put the player one game away from victory. Everybody except the opponent (who for that game turned into an asian woman) went nuts including the injured player which made people think by him jumping like a maniac that he was not even injured in the first place. He decided to go back into the match to finish, he was glad for his friend to have taken his place and won that game but he did not really want to hug him because he was so sweaty (noone else had that problem), he did hugged him but not a big hug it was. By that time that player had turned to Federer (hate him!!!).