OK, I posted just a few minutes ago, but I'm not seeing it. I'm going to post again, so if it shows up twice, I apologize. I'm having internet connection problems right now.

I had two dreams; I'm only going to post the second one. In the dream, everyone was preparing for an Apocalypse of the world. Clearing out banks accounts, talking to loved ones, basically going into panic mode. I was in a hotel room full of people with a baby boy, who was naked the whole time. I can't remember if he was mine or not, but I had motherly feelings for him. I took care of him, but was not in the same fright as everyone else, I was actually very calm. I was the only one that paid attention to him. At one point, I picked him up and dunked his body in warm water several times and that made him happy and relaxed. Towards the end of the dream I was holding the baby and talking with others. I said 'What if this isn't the Apocalypse and it's like the scare of the Mayan prediction of 2012?”. That made everyone stop and think. That was the end of the dream.