Thank you all so much for your kind support. It means a lot to me. It really does. Love you all so much! smile

So, this is a long and complicated dream but I'll do my best to interpret it here since it has bee "plaguing you" for weeks. That is a sign that you are trying to tell yourself something!

"I was driving to a small town in Iowa in a friend's car, that didn't look like her car. She wasn't with me."

Not sure if location matters here because I don't know if you actually live in Iowa or not. If you don't, then it is more significant to the dream's meaning. But driving someone else's car indicates that you are trying to direct her life for her. Sometimes, we do that because our friend needs help; other times, we inadvertently try to run someone else's life for them.

"I'm in charge of the bride's maids dresses and the maid of honor's dress. They were multi layered and the top layer of each dress kept falling off the hangers. Round droplets of what appeared to be blood stain all of the garments. Blood drips from the shoulder seams of the bride's maid's dress and a marijuana leaf in blood also appears on the the bride's maid's dress. I had to deliver these dresses in an hour.

This part indicates that somehow, you feel responsible for other people's images regarding their love lives or future romances. Perhaps, some of these young women's images are being tainted by their passions and even dabbling in some milder forms of recreational substances. You want to salvage their images and don't feel there is much time to do so.

"I asked the people around the corner that were sitting in a cave on the balcony of a restaurant what I should do. They shrugged their shoulders. Shiny, small circles were on the floor of the cave; red, white and pink. I asked them what they were. They said they were drugs of some kind.

Other people in your waking live aren't as concerned as you are. They really don't know what to do about it. Living in a cave is a sign of reclusiveness. They don't want to get involved. Somehow, you have a concern about some signs of drugs in their lives. The colors are interesting. They represent passion, lust, innocence, and romance. Are you afraid about someone being affected by date rape drugs, for example?

I ran back and forth to some unseen place to get things that I needed for the dresses, not sure what they were supposed to be,but when I got back to the dresses, there was nothing in my arms and I'd lost my wallet.

Uh oh. This part of the dream indicated that you fear you won't be able to salvage the images of these young women. Losing your wallet could mean that you don't have the "currency" to influence them.

I took a ferry boat to NOLA. I got on and off twice. The driver threatened to kill me (I never saw his face, just heard his voice). He let me off to go to the bathroom. I ran from him the last time. People were in holes in a valley that faced a lake. I ran to each one to get help. All but one ignored me. Only one helped me. I kept going the long way around things until the very end of my dream where I found a short cut.

I don't know where NOLA is or what that stands for but getting on and off a ferry twice means that you have/had second thoughts about proceeding. Being on a ferry is an interesting dream image as it is a very different mode of transportation, a short ride. You have had second thoughts about a transition, a change. It wouldn't be much of a change though. Nothing major.

The part about the driving wanting to kill you indicates that whoever is involved in your transition is wanting to put something about you to an end. Perhaps, he/she feels that it is time for you to end a role/task/responsibility and move on. Because this mode of transportation is over water, there is an emotional aspect to this change.

"I made it to some kind of boat in France. I went into an office to report the ferry driver, then sat down on the top layer of the boat. Two dogs appeared, both white. One was a poodle. The other I'm not so sure. They kept diving into the water off the edge of the boat and swam back towards me. Each time they were rescued, they'd jump back in the water and swim back towards me. The poodle at my Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What does that mean "the poodle at your Kentucky Fried Chicken?"

Anyway, this part of the dream indicates that you have some loyal friends who will be trying to help you.They're the type of friends who are willing to "jump in" and go with you through emotional times. Look for one who has poodle-like qualities. While she may appear to be fussy and showy, she is extremely intelligent and very loyal to you.

As for the location of France, you'd have to tell me how France relates to your waking life or how you feel about France. Do you like France? Have you wanted to vacation there? Otherwise, your dream indicates that when you make this life transition, you may feel as though you are in a new and foreign place. But no worries, you will have two friends who will be with you every step of the way.

"I ran through the lake with one of the dresses I was in charge of and back to the rest of them where they hung. A person appeared that told me not to worry, the stains would disappear soon and they did, just in time for the wedding. I climbed a rope and swung into the wedding, delivering the dresses on time.

Ah, so this is the resolution. You will achieve your goal and fulfill your responsibilities! LOL, you may have to resort to some extreme and daring tactics but you will succeed. You will safeguard the young women before it's too late.

Does this apply to anything in your waking life?