I remember three dreams.

I went to the nurse at the drugstore where I get my pills and asked her if she could give me a cleaning in my ears for my extra wax. She looked in my ears (that made me nervous and it hurt a little too) and told me she could, that made me so happy but before I was shocked since I have tried for so many years to get an ear cleaning and nobody wants to give me one. It had started to hurt especially in the left ear which is the worst plus my earring was getting worst because of that. She put ear drops in both ears and told me to do that two times a day for three days then gave me an appointment. I did that and went to the appointment where I finally got my ears cleaned of the extra wax (that too got me nervous). It hurt especially in the left but wow that was awesome after it was done.

I called my dentist to cancel my appointment for a cleaning. For some reason I ended up cleaning my teeth while doing that with more toothpaste than usual to prove that I did not need to go to the dentist and by the end of the call I was actually there in front of the desk of the secretaries, they were all looking at me weirdly but they let me cancel my appointment.

I had became a big star with many big stars as my close friends. I came back home to show Michael Fassbender how it looked here and to then meet two friends (do not have any friends here - 1 was my childhood friend from high school the other i do not know) at a restaurant of a shopping mall. At first it looked like my city but all the things I showed him is not like real life but in my dream it was like it was. From the moment we arrived to everywhere we went people were shocked to see us but we acted like everything was normal. After I showed him around we went boating (in water that had big waves so nobody was there - they were in the water with less waves) then we went to meet my two friends. We told them what we wanted then went to get a table and waited for them to come with our food, we were still looked at like we were animals in a zoo but again we were acting like it was not happening. We almost all the time were holding hands.