I remember one dream.

A man right after the Canadian elections (in my dream it was march 3) was on television saying that soon the world would be dead if we would not stop him, most people (i was not 1 of them) thought he was talking about Justin Trudeau and when he realised he said no Harper, he explained that he wanted a job where he would be able to send petrol and gas companies almost everywhere even where there were no gas and petrol and also other companies that would destroy the planet. The others were almost laughing and he remainded them that them too needed a healthy planet to live. I moved to a forest where I was sure none of these companies would go. I set up a solar shower and a tent that would be my home. I also had a big Dog with me. The only thing I was afraid of was spiders. Then I was with Jason Statham (his transporter character) and we were in a fight, he of course was doing almost all of it but I was taking care of some of them. He then said to me to run to (he told me where) when he saw me fight because he was scared for me and to wait for him there, I did it. I was injured a little bit but when I saw him arrive I hid it, I went to him and after a hug he saw I was injured and I told him it was nothing and I looked at his injuries and him too said it was nothing. We went in a car and he drove to a small cabin in the middle of a forest. It was his. He told me to do like it was my own house. He also wanted to sleep on the coach since he only had one bed but I told him it was okay. I took a shower then went in the bed while he was taking his. When he came back I was sitting in the bed looking through a window that was right there (did that to be sure that he would come in the bed), I told him there was a Bear and he was scared about it but I told him it was okay, that he or she would stay outside. He came in the bed and sadly this is where I woke up.