I remember two dreams.

A group of friends (do not know if i was there - at 1 point i am but i was either part of the group or just saying what i thought of this while hearing about it) went out for a few hours in nature. It was really hot and they were concerned about a woman in their group because she had on a zipped sweatshirt on and sweat shorts and she was very hot and kept spraying herself with water. They went to the place by small boat and she stayed with a man and the others went to different places (maybe separating in other groups too). She took off the sweat top before starting to walk and took off the shorts when arriving. After a while the man realised she was not there anymore and after looking for her and screaming her name he went to get the others and 911 was called (maybe the man called them before - i do not really remember him getting the others but i do remember them all together searching and screaming her name). I was either with Chris Cuomo who was there searching for what happened to her or it was another woman, I could hear myself saying things about her and that day like the reason why she had these clothes over her bikini that the man found hot when he saw her like that (she was too shy to walk and ride in the boat with just with a bikini).

A woman was in jail but she wanted to be in jail. With her surprise it was like she was on vacation. It was in nature and she and the other prisoners had to work but it was not hard and the rest of the day they could do whatever, they just had to bed in their bed from a certain time to a certain time. The job (at least for her) was basically go to the nearest village and shop. Her bed was big and touching a giant rock. Then the dream turned into a commercial and she was the actress of it. Everytime she would say something an object either appeared or disappeared, she was speaking in riddles or poems and it had to do with what she wanted or gifts for people. By the end she would pose like a model (she was always on her bed with the rock behind it) and she had strands of colored hair that kept changing (that too happened at the end).