We must be, ourselves, in some sort of parallel "Vortex."

My mom sent me a Valentines package for both my husband and I but w/a letter that said, "At the same time you were emailing me, I was "snail-mailing" you. Weird hmmmmmm."

As well (after this post, I have a dream that has nothing to do w/this) what both my husband and I'm going through w/the infections and mite/virus' in the "New Bug In Town" thread in Clairvoyance...in the same letter she said she went through the same thing, some 24 yrs. ago. Exactly!

Everything, but out there she said her Dr actually said, "We didn't do right by you did we?" They put her off and called them "No See-Ums" and developed asthma or lung infections when she'd never been sickly.

I've heard twins can pick up on another's feelings and such, but Dreams? Myself, I believe it's pretty much fair game for just about everyone wink

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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