I remember three dreams (less vivid now since i had to wait to enter this website because it was down).

Me and my mom (dad was there too but waiting on the sides to pay) entered a store we never had been in before. There were a lot of good things that she wanted but she like took a few things if not nothing (i remember my dad asking thats it when it was time to pay). Then she wanted to go back but the store was closing and almost everything was sold. She found a coat her size (something she had seen but left aside) and while my parents were waiting to pay I looked in the pile of coats and found the same in her size, she was shocked and excited and said okay I'll get it too.

All I remember is me baking cakes mostly for my dad and him not wanting any but he did ate one and found it good.

My dad touched me on one of my tigh and I hated it. I shoved his hand off violently and he then started attacking me then he raped me. Mom arrived and she started helping him. I think by the end I was able to get away and attack at least my dad I think but I do remember almost everytime he would rape me I was able to attack him back and even sometimes stop him (until mom came in and helped him secure me).