I remember two dreams.

I was in the backseat of a car driven by dad and my brother was in front (at a young age). He stopped at a Dairy Queen but before that he was eating an ice cream cone while driving. I wanted to ask for soft serve ice cream but I did not. He parked right next to the store that did not have a wall where the parking was. He looked at the counter and finally decided on what he wanted, he picked up a spoon and two cone bowls with chocolate on it. He got dirty looks but nobody said a thing. When it was his turn he put the bowls and spoon down but did not say anything, he was again thinking of what to have. All that time I was feeling uneasy in the car. Then there was a robot that belonged to that ice cream store, it was round and small. They would send the robot in the water to find things (for the shop i think). The next thing that happened is the robot went in the water but it went very deep eventhough it was not supposed to, it found two things that were new to the human race and it received an order to bring at least one back and when it found a third new species he took it inside it. It continued down but when it almost got to the bottom it saw a hole in the form or a cone and in it there were shells of animals that lived on the beach or on the water at the top. It immediately was scared and felt something really mean near it so it started to come back to the surface very fast all that time feeling whatever was there behind. The last thing I remember is the robot on the shore near the water and a forest was there (i have the feeling that dream did not end there).

I realised after doing my morning routine that I had forgotten to do one thing (to take a washcloth used after shaving my face the night before and put it in a bin with others downstairs). It was not an awful thing but it was driving me crazy and I did not even went in the bathroom to do what I was supposed to do.