Wow, Elleise. Interesting dreams. I find it fascinating how you so frequently tap into the Akasha regarding the political and geological conditions of our times.

In any case, your dream does reflect what is going on, even in regards to Michelle Obama.

She is getting a little too full of herself. A once down-to-earth woman, she is being affected by the status, power, wealth of her station. In some ways, she does wish to be adored and revered as Princess Di was. But while Princess Di earned her following from her own good heart, Michelle's egotism is the true root of all she is doing at this time. It is an energy thing that cannot be denied.

The public is aware of Michelle's self-grandioseness. They're keeping mum about it as one can find himself in a bad spot should he incur Michelle's wrath in Washington. She's still, after all, the wife of the President.

As for the second part of your dream, again it is true. The public is becoming aware of how Michelle uses government funds for her own pleasure. She buys clothing and jewelry and takes large staffs on her vacations at great expense. The President earns a small salary but he and his family are privy to many extras which are paid by the public, including airfare, entertainment, etc. The irony is, the President's personal budget is billed for small things such as toothpaste and shampoo.

As for your third dream: Again, this is coming to pass now. The Pope is chastising capitalism for monopolizing the marketplace. I get a sense that this will encourage the return of the small businessman, the mom-and-pop shops, the home peddlers. Personally made items will have more panache. More than panache, they will have heart. And people will pay for this while rejecting manufactured goods churned out cheaply for profit.

There was a time when there were no global corporations. We shopped for fresh produce at our local farmer's stand, picked up eggs from the egg lady, left out milk bottles for the milk man. Every town had a tailor, a candle-maker, a baker. We knew the people who made what we bought and ate. There is such heart and soul in such relationships with people, with our food and all we choose to bring into our homes.

Thanks for sharing your dreams, Elleise!