I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that at least one part had to do with a rock and that if water or anything else would be on it the value or the power of it would be ruined.

I was in my room (did not looked like here and anywhere i have lived) listening to music. I had to leave but I always would play a song that was supposed to be the last. I wanted a song I loved with a beat so that I would dance to it then I would go do what I was supposed to do. When I finally started to dance I imagined myself dancing with backup dancers to my song and people I admired looking at me. Then it was actually what was happening, we were rehearsing my songs and the Dallas Stars were watching us. We ended up putting a song from another artist and me and the other dancers started to dance to it, for me it was so easy that I was chewing gum while doing the moves, the players were all very impressed. Then they were watching me from a second storey building and I was outside with Tom Cruise filming a scene of a movie. Tom was waiting out of the camera and I was supposed to run there.