What did I dream last night? Whew!

The link below is a photo. However the place I WALKED THROUGH AND AROUND is the photo 3rd from the bottom. The circular bungalows ( I guess they're called confused ).

Never heard and/or been to the place. I didn't go looking for a photo either. It was just a headline in the news (travel I think).

From there, there was a word that kept repeating itself. Now THAT, I actually had to look up. I should know geography and or names, but I don't. The word was Prag, Prauge or Prawg). The "feeling" in the dream was that it was a place. I just didn't know where it was.

I guess it's somewhere over near Germany...it felt important in the dream - almost having something to do w/sadly the Malaysia "churnings" of the airlines.

Incoming, next in the dream. The Italian gentleman from the Malaysia airline issue and a slow-motion, someone I didn't recognize, slowly turning their head left and right (like no...not true).

The "feeling" in the dream was the person didn't really
"LOSE" a passport. Moreover (again just a dream feeling) "dropped off" for someone's later usage, w/a cover..."Oh...I lost/was stolen, etc. a passport."

An unfamiliar place - not in Dream-state...

Exhausting evening, but hey? I Got to have a decent night's sleep. Apparently 13 - 14 hrs. worth. No sleeping aids (I have insomnia), nothing. Slept straight through and still it only felt like 3 hrs. had passed.

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