I remember one dream.

Mom was calling all over to get estimations of renovations. At first she was asking about small things but then her ideas became bigger and bigger. I finally reminded her that we did not have any money left from the insurance and that if they would do renovations that would mean debt again. She said that this would not happen and I said that if we would of waited with our big first check like everyone else does we would of ended up in a house that was perfect the way it was and that at the least if they really wanted to go through with that they should just put our house for sale and then do what they should of done before being in money trouble like they had spent their entire life. Mom did not want to and later dad too. So they continued with their crazy ideas that were getting crazier until one day when we were shopping they went into a store from a company that were doing renovations. I gave up and looked at the books with the colors of what they did (everything roofs - paint - floors etc) and at first I pointed to a bright red, a man saw me and he said that they did not have that color anymore. I ended up with my own money renovating my room downstairs, I had ideas for the rest of the basement but I only did this for me so my room. My parents were angry.