Came (physically) from a holiday gathering. SoOoo, just now getting back.

I wanted to post this earlier and it wiped me out, rather than refreshed, as I awoke this morning (applause, that never happens. I never sleep which is probably why I have so many REM's).

But this dream, when I woke, made me as cranky as a mule. It was as short as a sentence, but the feeling felt as if it were a century long.

In short, the dream was a or AN, image of a washer and dryer. It was a "freeze-frame" stationary or just like something on pause with yucky info. or whatever ESP, "telepathic" info - like if you were to have headphones on or something.

So there's the frame. Washer/Dryer - these are NEW WASHERS & DRYERS! That's how it a commercial.

Well, the bottom line was w/in these new models were something like a I don't know, disk or element, signal of some type that actually worked w/something that hasn't come together yet.

If I were to just say it, it would be like a monitoring device of some sort that works with something that has to do w/the efficiency, BUT taxation of the habits w/in the home.

Closest thing I could get from it when I woke was kind of like what people call the "smartchip" or "Smart," whatever?

I don't have any of that stuff. But, seems these things work almost w/an apparatus outside or inside of the house and projected as something having to do with "energy efficiency."

In the dream, though it was UNDER the guise of "Energy Efficiency." Really what it was doing (these new appliances) was monitoring confused

Hated that dream, lol. Really did. Tomorrow, something better! smile

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