It took me hours to fall asleep last night and I had a small dream then woke up for a while then had a bigger dream then tried for about an hour to fall asleep again after waking up from it but could not.

In the first dream I woke up and found a pile of money next to me. It was from my parents and they wanted me to shut up but that made me angrier than I was because it was not even half of what they owe me.

In the last dream it started like I was watching a documentary about the army, they were showing every branches of the army and saying what they were there for. Then I was in the army (a special unit or just picked for a special mission...dont know what branch or i just dont remember) and I along with other soldiers had to go get a soldier that had been kidnapped. The soldier was brought in a plane but it looked like a huge space ship so we sent an helicopter below thinking it would not be seen and then that helicopter sent in a small machine that went right below the plane and set there a tracking device. When the small machine tried to come back to us they saw it and then tried to kill the machine, we thought that since that plane was big it could not move fast so we made the machine move fast but the plane was able to follow and it came close several times to crush it to pieces. Then a man came out of that big plane and started walking everywhere like he was just a normal man trying to get rid of us all (that man sometimes looked like my mom...after i saw my mom and that person went back to being a man it was like following my mom) he then entered a motel and we started to laugh because we knew his plan was to get out in the back and we had the place completely surrounded by soldiers. He somehow knew that we were laughing and then came out by another door that he had entered. Then it was me in the backyard of our old house, my parents were there and I was going to come into the house but a bee started to follow me and I was freaking out, I was waving my hands and arms at the bee and I hit it and it became angry. I hid my head instead my sweatshirt and my dad opened the door and said to come in but I did not want to because the bee was right on me and it would of entered the house. My dad was able to get the bee off me, it ended up in a big garbage bag that was buried right next to the door, I looked inside and saw there were other bees inside, I could not understand why none were trying to get out because the bag was left completely opened.