Spent about ten hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember five dreams (remembered 2 when i woke up then remembered 1 and these 2 went away....before i got up the 4 others came back to me...they are not 1 or 2 of the firsts......i cannot remember when i dreamed them so ill just write them in the order that i remembered them).

It was like the apocalypse. There were not a lot of human beings around and most were zombies. I had found a way to get in and out without any problems. I had many places to hide or go through to escape or to wash myself or to change clothes or to sleep or to relax or to eat. When I saw people I just ignored them. One of the times I escaped there were many people hiding there and I was about to just ignore them like I was used to but there were many children then and that made me for the first time feel bad, I was close to going out when I saw that two of these kids had noone with them. So I decided to not listen to myself and take them with me. I took them up a tower to try to get myself together and make a plan for all of us to survive. There was a woman there with a pen and papers and she was trying to calculate if we would make it or not, she calculated that we would. I was able to find another adult and that woman told me see if something happens you can leave and these kids will have an adult with them.

A young man had tried to kill himself. His family asked me to help him. It was a crime family but I realised that the dad had did the crimes not them plus the man who had tried suicide was so sweet so I decided to try. I arrived and his mom was there, his sister and at least one other brother. He started saying when he realised it was like an intervention that he did not try to kill himself then he started to freak out (by then i asked to others to not be mean) but then he started being cruel and he personally went to everyone of his brothers (i think there were 2 now) and then to his sister (that was the 1 who took it the most to heart...she went hiding then she was crying and she then went out).

I went to a woman party. We were all in pajamas and we were having fun until it turned to sex, they were all involved and I did not want to.

I was looking at a magazine and there were a page that was a commercial for pantyhose. The woman only had one on and I was disgusted by her because she did not have her bikini area shaved.

My mom came to see me in the basement when I was putting wood in the fire stove and she told me that we would soon not have that same way of life and she was saying how bad it would be but she was speaking low and going away from me, she was doing it on purpose to scare me and stress me and it worked.