It took me a long time to fall asleep and I woke up at least once but not for a long time. I only remember one dream.

I had found on the internet a beautiful place to rent not too expansive. I took the subway then walked to get there (cant remember if i took the train or bus to get there before). When I arrived it was a beautiful place but different from the description given on the internet. It was like a bed and breakfast and the woman running the place was very controlling. She told me that before coming in that all her guests had to take a shower. I told her that I always take them before going to bed and that eventhough it was not late that I was tired and planning on taking my shower and going to bed after checking in but she said the same thing so I said okay. The bathroom was a full bathroom but outside the house. I went in with my baggages and it was dirty, not dirty with dirt but with food and things like that (the shower was a bath/shower and half of it had food and plates and stuff like that). I knew that woman was near listening to everything, she had told me that I could still take another shower just before I was ready to go to bed so I just opened the water and waited, another woman came and told the woman in charge that she wanted to get her food inside and she was told to wait which is what she did. They both were listening and finding it weird that the water was just running normally, this is when I figured that I'd take my shower now and go to bed after checking in. This is what happened. I woke up after 4:00 which is early for me but it was after 20:00 that I had gone to bed. I went to the kitchen and the woman in charged was acting like I had woken up very late and she was still looking and watching my every moves. I acted like eveything was normal and started my breakfast with her over me (thats what it felt like but i was doing my best to act like i was okay and it was normal).