I remember two dreams.

Eric Lindros was playing Hockey and that made me more than happy. I was very proud of telling people that I was a fan and was also back then too. When someone would ask me what was my team I would proudly say the one Eric Lindros is on. Then there was a rumour that he would be traded and I did not care until something was telling me he would go to Montreal and I was scared because nobody like him there and I hate that team and all that has to do with it. Before they announced it I was in public and realised that it was about to be announced and I started yelling that it was (starts with s and is 4 word) and I then proceeded to say what I think of my province, it's people, the organisation of the Canadiens and it's fans. I was in public during my meltdown and people were insulted by what I was saying but nobody said anything because they were scared of me but when I said that he would be treated horribly they did not believed me and I knew it. When came the press conference I thought that he would be booed because they had put seats for some fans of the team but when I heard no booed I saw that the seats were empty so I clapped loudly and said loudly wow what a beautiful set of fans and kept saying sarcastic things like that and still people were angry but said nothing to me.

I was watching television and when looking at the schedule I saw The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of our Lives coming up. I remembered when I was watching these shows especially the first since that was when I was younger. I said that I understood that the show seemed to have no characters from these years but that it could be good for all the new watchers but at the least the second show had kept a few of the first characters. Then it turned into Trump was the president or in another place in the government where he had power. Everybody hated it and was scared because he was dangerous. Everytime someone would try or want to try something to get rid of him he would knew it and send someone or something after them. A lot of people were in a subway and he sent something that entered right where the doors closed. Tom Hanks was with a child that he kept right on him by holding him tight, the monster went straight to men who seemed to be working in construction and they acted like it but the monster got the first then the second opened his lunch box to prove it was real but the monster got him too. After the doors opened I saw Hilary Clinton who was living with Trump nervous when he woke up but she was doing her best to act normal and friendly.