Spent less than seven hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember two dreams.

I was looking at pictures of oldest famous people and when I saw pictures of Elvis Presley I became sad, I said (think that in real life too) that he was such a tragic person. I then was transported (not via a machine..it just happened like that...maybe in my dream i imagined myself living then) into the years where he was just beginning. I ended up outside a theatre where he was working at. When he came out at night he saw me, I was more than sad, I had bandages in both of my wrists and palms of my hands. I ended up inside with him and during the time he was taking care of me I realised who he was. We ended up good friends.

I was getting up to watch Rafael Nadal play Tennis where I realised on the second day that I was doing something stupid. On his first match I had gotten up at the correct time to be ready for him when he started to play but his second match I had gotten up when he was starting and I had just done the same that morning, the second day they were showing a Canadian then showed the rest of Ralfie's match and instead of just watching the start on the internet I was acting like when they were starting to show him it was the start. I was shocked at myself but decided that my morning routine was more important so I started acting like everything was normal and that he would start later instead of in a few minutes which was hard because I had opened the television and they were showing him on the court with his opponent warming up.