Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream.

It was a team of men, they were supposed to go do something good. They had a picture taken of them and when I looked on close-ups I said to myself that they looked like psychopaths. Turns out I was right because they ended up stealing instead of doing what they were supposed to do. After stealing without being caught they were coming back each driving a huge truck that each looked different. A small boy suddendly was with them and was going from truck to truck without them stopping. When they arrived back home the mountains started to light and the boy said wow look they are doing fake lava again. It looked like it or fireworks but it came back down and it was really lava so they drove fast through the city to not be killed by it. Then it was me and at least someone else that were trying to find a place to hide because there was a zombie invasion. We ended up in a place where all the houses were okay and no zombies were around so we picked a nice house that had lots of food even. We then decided to go look everywhere to find things we needed to find, we just put an x or something else like that when a place was done so it could not be checked twice. We were being careful while looking in case we ended up with zombies. I found a room with lots of candy, I screamed for someone to go look, that I had found the jackpot. Then I ended up with a man and his son. We were all sitting down when I had a feeling that a zombie or more had entered our home so I said let's go, I never was wrong with that feeling. The man wanted to just look around before and we did but I kept on saying that we should go. He was jumped by a zombie and was bitten when fighting with it. He asked me to finish him off but everytime I would shoot him he would remain alive, he realised that I was right and that he should of listened to me. While he was being eaten he told us to go which we did.