When I was preparing my first toast another dream came back to me then when I was putting butter on it another dream came back and when I was eating it another dream.

I was deciding what to put on my toasts and I decided to finish the maple caramel bottle before trying the other things.

I was watching television with some people around and I arrived at a channel that were showing images of old Formula One races and things surrounding it. I became sad instantly thinking of Michael Schumacher and of course they showed him, when he appeared on television the people looked at me thinking I will cry and I was close to but when he was on screen he looked old so I started to cry and the people did not care. For a few seconds I told myself that I should just act like I was never a fan and of course this affected me greatly thinking this way.

A friend (Brigitte) came to visit me. I was living by myself in a huge place. On the last day before we went to bed I felt bad because there were shows on television the next day that I did not want to miss and I was trying to find a way to watch them without making my friend feel bad about it. Turns out when she left I was sleeping so she got up and got ready without making noise and she gave me a kiss goodbye on a cheek before leaving.