I remember two dreams.

Two robbers wanted to rob an apartment and they decided to enter that building make believing that a friend of theirs had drank a lot of alcohol the night before and that they were worried because he would not answer his phone and texts and emails. They said that to a woman who came out (or in) and she was believing them but she said that just in case she could not let them in because of all the other tenants. They hit a button of an apartment they knew nobody was in, the woman checked the number and thankfully for the robbers she did not knew the person in that apartment.

I wanted to go to the bank so when I learned that dad was about to go to a store I asked if I could go to (or said that if i did not go there i had to go before then said a date) and he said okay. So we went and he did not say it but he wanted to do all that fast. He decided to stop somewhere else first and I did not say it but I was finding it weird since he wanted to do the errands fast. I was also worried about the time because the bank sometimes here closes early and I did not know the time for that day.