I remember one dream.

I was in a drugstore with my parents and one of the pharmacist told mom she should try a new medication for her stomach, she did not want to but I or/and dad told her to try it, that she could not lose since she was very sick and she did. That medication actually worked and it started working immediately. She finally could eat again and she was not in pain anymore. But, that did not made her happy at all which was the ultimate proof for me that she loves being sick and in pain. We ended up on the beach and before that I talked about that to someone on the internet and she told me that if I could send her pictures of her and dad and me that just by looking at these pictures she could tell me how much time we had left or/and gave me a psychic reading about the person in each pictures so I was trying to figure out a way to take both of their pictures and having one of them taking mine. I was able to but at first I was having trouble because I had a disposable camera and I did not know what to do with the flash since we were outside and the sun kept coming in and out from the clouds. I finally took some and I think it was dad who took my picture.