I had a few dreams last night but I only remember the last.

Chris Hemsworth (i hope im spelling his name correctly...i find him hot and to be a nice person but still havent seen any of his movies) was in it and he was Superman. Another man was there and he sacrificed something for him eventhough he did not know him (i dont recall what it was), that man ended up almost drowning and he saved him then a bunch of people dressed in old Egyptian clothes came inside the house for me and I was laughing and told everyone else to not worry that Superman would know where I would end up and save me. They told me to get into a limo where older old Egyptian where and in it Imhotep (from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns) was in it, I knew it was him who wanted me. When I entered the car I started feeling bad and having mixed emotions about it (i dont remember the reason why he wanted me..it must of been us being together many centuries ago then me starting to remember it when i saw him), I tried not to touch him because I did not want to be in love with him to hurt Superman. The dream ended there or I just do not remember it.