Thanks again for your great insight. It's really helped.

Yep. It's male dom bdsm vampire erotica. (It's not bloody though. Just a few bites here and there). I should've gotten the connection with the blood. LOL

My main character is smart, independent project manager at a large telecommunications firm in London. She's farm girl from Kansas that was lured there by the promise romance, only to have that fall apart. After that her world really gets turned upside down and inside out.

Thanks for the tips. I appreciate that. I've read a lot of those types of books so it just came natural I guess. It sure is fun to write.

I originally had GHB in the first novel, but took it out. A vampire doesn't need that to get his prey. smile But I'm sure it will appear in one of the other stories that I have planned.

That last bit of information was quite insightful. I've taken so many twists and turns with the articles and have written about things I'd never heard of before.

The same thing is happening the the second novel (the sequel), the final one is in planning. This whole novel thing has taken me on quite a journey so far and it's not over yet. New characters, situations and so forth are bubbling over begging to be written.