I remember four dreams.

All I recall is the word activated, I do not know if it was me or someone or a thing or whatever I just know that at least part of that dream had to do with it.

I wanted to eat cereals with milk and sugar. I had not eaten cereals like that in many years and I had that urge a few times lately but finally I was ready to do it. But this need had started while I was watching three shows and I thought that I did not have enough time during commercials so I waited. When I finally was eating cereals like that mom was there and she looked at me like I was crazy.

I read an email from a friend and she told me that she had gone to see Skyfall, I wrote back to her that I was jealous. Then I was in Russia (cannot remember if something else or other things happened in between) and it was like a war or something because everywhere there were soldiers. I ended up in front of a place where there was a movie theatre showing Skyfall in English but the land between that was big was water, it was covered in a lot of snow and apparently ice under it but we could not be fully sure. After asking a few soldiers I trusted them and the ones walking there and I started walking. At first it went well but then I ended up where the ice was starting to melt so I decided to follow the footstep of the people who had walked there before me. I then ended up where the snow was very high and stupidly I kept walking near it but then I realised my idiocy and was able to walk on top (it was almost like a mountain that snow was so high) and finally reached my destination. I asked before buying my ticket if it was really in English and I was told yes but after paying and receiving it I was told it was with Russian subtitles and I was mad because I did not want to watch the movie like that.

I was with Daniel Craig and he was James Bond. We were in a mission and started it after we talked about it. I do not recall a lot about it besides that, me and him making a bet about who would end up somewhere first (he let me run there first but still arrived before me but it was close i think) and we had sex and I think it started with us fooling around by wrestling or something.