I was in bed for almost eleven hours but I did not slept all that time. It took me a long time to fall asleep and I woke up a few times. I remember barely two dreams that were basically the same (came back to me after waking up the second to last time...probably because it was the same dream but in different places) and then I put another hour to my alarm clock just in case I would fall asleep again and I did and have another dream (should of had that 1 BEFORE because it would of been longer!!!).

In the first I had find a new place to live, I was arranging everything like I wanted it to be.

In the second it was the same thing but I had received my grandparents house. In that one (i think it was the same too in the first but i cannot be fully positive about it) my parents were living there too but the way I was arranging everything was done so it would get on their nerves and it was working.

In the last I was basically having sex with Michael Fassbender. After the last time, before going back home after working I went to see a friend of mine and bought something from his store that would later help with our sex escape but when I came back home he was not there. He did not leave anything but I knew that I would not see him for fifty days. After seeing myself cry I could see what he was doing for each day (i could see day # then see what he did). I woke up after seeing a few of these days, all that time I could see and/or hear myself cry, it was worst with each day passing by (by the way he was miserable for each of the days i could see and also i myself was not seeing him when i was crying...it was me the dreamer not me the 1 in the dream...lol i hope im explaining this correctly so i can be understood).