I have had weird dreams this week! I don't dream often anymore but the first dream this week I was down in the cellar standing on a crate looking for something. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move really fast from under a chest that was kinda below my feet. I looked and thought it was a water bug as we get those in our cellar occasionally and they move FAST! However I did a double take, even though the light was dingy and saw it had a long tail and four legs, a lizard I thought.

As soon as that registered it seemed to panic and turn around and run back from where it came...I awoke. A few nights later I dreamed that there were piles of water bugs huddled together in corners of the cellar, all squirming around. Just too creepy...so yesterday when one ran out from underneath my pile of laundry that I had dumped on the floor, it quickly expired.

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