I again spent almost all night awake and only falling asleep for a little while each times. And again I know that I had more than one dream but I only remember the last one.

I was with my mom at the drugstore in Causapscal. I was looking to find some products that have been discontinued (im actually will do that tomorrow before an appointment..in my dream i was looking for the same products) and I was able to find them and took everything there was left. When I arrived at the cash registers Daniel Craig was in front of me, I was trying to not freak out, by his reactions he knew what I was doing but said nothing. While the cashier was checking out everything that he had bought he went to grab something else (something they do not sell) and came back saying it was his favorite soup. Then he left and it was my turn, for some reason I had taken out the calciums out of the boxes and even some were out of their wrappers (these are wrapped by 6) but the cashier was checking it out like it was normal or okay then I told her that I did that because I thought the man in front would take too much time and that it would go faster like that and the cashier laughed and contined working on what I had bought.