I remember one dream.

Michael Schumacher had completely gotten back to who he was before his skiing accident and he went back to Formula One where he was winning a lot. One race he had an awful accident and they had to take him off the car while he was unconscious, everyone thought he was either dead or brain dead or back to where he was and that made me furious. I kept telling everyone how he was after his skiing accident and how he came through it to be back in Formula One, most were trying to be nice with me saying oh you are right which made me more angry. I had access to Ferrari which is where he had come back to race and one night I was able to sneak in and when everyone was gone I came out my hiding place and stole a piece of the car he had his accident in, somehow I was able to sneak it out and after about an hour of that place being opened again I came out normally smiling at everyone, the guardian stopped me saying that he did not remembered me and I said oh it is when you were busy and I explained him what he was doing then and lucky me it had happened so he said okay but you need to sign now and explained why you did not signed in when you came in and I said no problem and I did and when I gave him the paper I remainded him that he knew my writing was awful and eventhough he could not read what I wrote he told me goodbye and I got out again acting normally (during that time i was of course nervous but it did not show).