I remember two dreams.

I needed to take notes because I did not want to forget something. After taking the notes I realised I had forgotten something so I added it at the start because this is where it went. The notes were almost like it was another language, like in codes and I was afraid I could not figure out what it meant but I left it that way, it was also badly written.

A group of men (maybe 1 or more women) were going in a dangerous mission (they seemed to be all the actors of the expandable movies but in the beginning they were all real soldiers or whatever they were) and they were all getting ready. Then they became actors and were getting ready for a movie and the action (a few times bombs were flying near them but noone got killed) were filmed. They were all in a cemetery getting ready to film another scene when a car drove there (right in the cemetery) in it a woman was driving and Julia Roberts had a baby and was extremely sad because her husband was dead. People including the actors were thinking she was not a fit for that kind of movie but she was not playing, she really just had a baby and really had lost the father and really wanted to die. She got out of the car almost like a zombie (she did say something to the woman who was concerned) and after walking pass the actors these people had nothing to do with the dream anymore. A woman who too had her heart broken was crying on the fence of the cemetery, she had lost her baby and the father. Julia ended up there, she was hunched over and could not stop crying. The woman realised what was going on and Julia wanted to say that she did not want the baby but the remorse did not let her say the words. The woman eventhough she was broken knew that she could take care of the baby and she asked if she could and Julia gave her the baby knowing that she could not.