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This time I was at a private club having some luncheon or dinner. My husband was there, all spruced up, politically fitting in. I was dressed properly, but the table was filled w/leaders and politicians, presidents of different countries and such.

They ordered dinner and went out of their way not to include my dinner plate. They pretty much wanted me to leave, but I didn't know where to go, but got the hint.

I was embarrassing my husband, by not going along w/everything. Inside I wanted to crawl in a hole and disappear.

Anyone ever see that movie with Chevy Chase, "Christmas Vacation?"

Great movie! But specifically the part where he's in the lingerie department at a shopping mall, tripping over his words at the counter and his son comes walking up.

Anyway, there's a sentence in there where he says something like, "'Tis the Season to be merry..."

The bucksome beauty at the counter say, "That's my name!"

Clark (Chevy) say's, "No (censored)..."

If anyone had told me I would be invited to a political anything, the vapor from my laugh would need a squeegee wipe to get it all off. I just...ech. If someone's selling something that isn't real, I'm just not in the market. So, I stay out of it.

So, well, guess what? My husband comes home from work and OUT OF THE BLUE, he tells me we've (he's) been invited to some political meeting/club dinner and he told them he'd have to check w/me first.

So, out pops the Chevy Chase line.

It'll be interesting to see how exactly this ends up going. Especially w/the dream I just had.

I think I'd rather sit under an electric blanket w/a cat on my lap confused

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