Thank you ever so much Lori for sharing your time and energy w/the explanations and interpretations. I used to do these for consultations and there truly is an exorbitant amount of energy that's gifted (in a way, something money can't buy) when doing so. smile

I signed on the computer this morning and I guess there really is a concert going on having to do w/something called the "Kensington Palace?" So, maybe Buckingham palace was symbolic or there's more to come? Taylor Swift is preforming, BTW, in real life at this concert and upon arrival wore the (crystal) dress in the dream I had.

Dreams are an interesting fracture of status in the state we're prone to having them.

I find, at least w/myself, almost a combo of diluted physical senses, "exercising their rights" in a ring predominantly overridden by an arena between two, maybe several even different senses and realms.

Not sure where the Michele Obama fits into the concert dream, but this morning I had another dream attaching to the palace dream.

This time I was at a private club having some luncheon or dinner. My husband was there, all spruced up, politically fitting in. I was dressed properly, but the table was filled w/leaders and politicians, presidents of different countries and such.

They ordered dinner and went out of their way not to include my dinner plate. They pretty much wanted me to leave, but I didn't know where to go, but got the hint.

So, instead I turned around and faced backwards on my chair. My hands and head were resting on top of the back-rest straddling the seat; a leg on each side watching all of the servers through some window.

When it came time to pay, she was using the reduced EBT funds (there really are these signs in grocery stores on white sheets of paper I've noticed when you go to pay, saying expect decreasing "something" on EBT's. So that's what I'm talking about) to pay for everyone's dinner.

At that point I remember seeing a wedding cake, wishing I was anywhere else but at that table. Plus I was embarrassing my husband, by not going along w/everything. Inside I wanted to crawl in a hole and disappear.

Whatever it is that's taping into Akashic political stuff, I kind of wish it would stop, because there's more...there really is. It has to do w/religious encroaching's and political merging's. Who knows. But I have a feeling I will.

AS IF, lol!

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