I remember four dreams.

This one may of been after the next dream and it may not of been a dream, it happens to me with that new computer once in a while so it may be this that I thought about instead of a dream coming back to me. I was writing things on my computer and sometimes letter would not appear eventhough I had clicked on it.

I came here and Lori had written something about my last dream but it was just a sentence that could of meant a lot of things and I had no idea to what exactly she was saying that about.

My teeth started to hurt and I looked and I saw that one of my teeth in front and down had moved, it was behind other teeth and half of it was outside. I started to freak out and asked my mom to look at it just in case I had imagined it. She looked with a small flashlights but said she could not seen anything. I called a dentist for an emergency appointment and after getting it I went there. I was in pain and freaking out about it but yet I managed to joke that finally I could not wait to see a dentist.

I was watching television and I was watching a show but at the start I would change the channel a few times. When I went back and realised they were talking a Dog that had been through something horrific but was still alive I stayed there. The narrator explained what had happened and at the same time they were showing us the places. A Golden Retriever was walking in a yard of a friend of the people who had adopted him/her. That friend was building a pool. Suddendly the Dog fell into a hole, the ground disappeared because it turns out where the man was digging was something else. The Dog fell for thirty or three hundred feet then ended up falling where a small door was normally closed (they explained that normally it would of been closed but someone had not done its job - something about the thing surrounding that door that went underground) and he fell again to a deep distance. He looked hurt in the face where I figured he/she had bang where the door was but still looked okay otherwise. Then it was me who had a Golden Retriever, I screamed his name (Max or something like that - maybe Toby) but it was too late, he got hit by a car or truck. I screamed in horror and ran to him. Me and my parents got him in a car and I or one of them called 911 while driving to know what to do, the person who answered after knowing where we were said that there was a veterinarian closed so dad drove there. When he parked I asked is that a veterinarian and he said yes. All that time I was closed to my Dog (a Golden Retriever) and touching him, the rare times I would not he would reach for me. He was in a lot of pain. I was going to go inside but dad reached for him and I said that it would be better that someone from the place would do it and he said no and he picked him up and the poor Dog made a pain sound.