I remember three dreams.

Two young teenagers (1 looked like Leonardo DiCaprio) were going around destroying things. They ended up in a building that seemed abandoned and started outside breaking water pipes and moved inside to keep doing that. I do not know if I was one of the two (well the other who did not look like Leo) but at one point inside I was there too and while looking around I saw that eventhough it was all broken apart the building was not about to completely fall off and that since there was still water there and it was not dirty that I could make myself a place to live there and after that thought I immediately started to clean up and make a place for myself.

I was with Leonardo DiCaprio (that dream may of been before the other 1) inside his house that was huge. Everything was fine until we started having sex, after a while when we started undressing he stopped and almost immediately started crying. I said that it was okay after asking him what was wrong and he did not replied, after a while of trying to calm him down I left that room and asked for my ride, I waited in one of the huge and beautiful rooms.

I was young and my brother was there too. While dad was out working mom took us in nature, we ended up on a beach with lots of rocks. It was cold outside but not Winter. Mom either dropped or threw a rock on the ground and it broke and one of the pieces was like a paper that was sharp, she picked it up and picked another rock that she started to cut. Then she cut other rocks. I told her that she could cut the insides of a huge rock then have someone put something like satin and things like that to make like a comfortable cocoon. She said that it was a good idea but soon after she had the impression people or one person was spying on us and that it was dangerous so she told us to come then she told us to hold hands and never let go. We started walking back to our house that was in the middle of a forest, when in that forest and when near our house we saw dad come back from work and became excited so we let go of the hands and started running but mom said to not let go and I called back my brother and we held hands until our house. We all realised soon after arriving that dad was in an awful mood so we let him be.