I remember one dream.

I was in my bedroom (the house did not look at all like here) and dad was downstairs and he was pushing my buttons, it was non-stop and loud. I was trying to keep it together but it was very hard. At one point took an object, the first thing that was the closest which was a remote control for a television and I used it to bang on something (my feet i think) to try to drown the sounds dad was making on purpose to drive me crazy. I heard someone say you are crazy and it was directed to me and that pushed me over the edge. I went downstairs and it was a man (sounding like a cousin of mine but did not look like him) sitting on a coach in the same room as dad. I went to him and started to scream at him then I turned to dad and screamed at him too. When I was screaming at the man it was a mix of French and English but to dad it was just in English to push his buttons. Dad at first was almost laughing but slowly he became angry until he made a threat so I got in his face and in French I dared him to do it and I started to poke him. He got up saying he would beat me up and I screamed let's go then, just do it. And he started but I got the upper hand in the fight immediately.